Get in the Mood

  • Posted on: 15 December 2018
  • By: admin

While we're putting together plans for a possible reunion in the summer of 2019, why not dial up some music to get you in the mood? In the hope of not re-igniting the "disco sucks" refrains of the late 70's, I've tried to put together three playlists on Spotify to satisfy our diverse tastes. You do not need to have a Spotify paid-for account for this, but I think you will need a free account. If you happen to be a Spotify customer, you won't have any ads.

If you are in your Spotify app, search for my user (markbrule) and you'll see three playlists starting with "Ham79". Pick anyone and away you go!

If you use Spotify in your browser, the links below should get you there.

Enjoy! And when you think of some slight I've made by forgetting a most important song, let me know and I will correct that!